Ice Cream game for Toddlers and Kids
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A wonderful game for toddlers and kids with delicious ice cream !your kid loves memory games , puzzles and want to explore an ice cream parlor ? This is the app for you!Your child will discover all kinds of ice cream and in the meanwhile will exercise his memory!Ice Cream game for Toddlers and Kids is an educational and entertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game for toddlers and kids! Play with ice cream cones !A lot of different memory games and many delicious ice creams to keep your kid busy.Easy to learn and to control:-touch the screen and try to match the ice cream hidden under the ice cream cups, find the couple!-interact with all the elements on the screen when a game is solved-when a game is completed tap the arrow to change to the next levelYou can also choose the difficulty level: easy, medium and hard, to suit the needs of each child and exercise your toddler memory.Available for all screen resolutions and devices, including tablet device as Kindle a


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