Ace Roller Blackjack
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Get serious about Blackjack. Dig deep into the secrets of the game with Ace Roller Blackjack and challenge the professionals by unravelling the complexities of this classic casino game. Forget reading strategies on Blackjack, we have it all built-in, it's fun, playable and most importantly, it will put you on a winning streak!Ace Roller Blackjack is a fully playable Blackjack game with a difference. It includes a wide range of different rule settings and useful training tools to help you hone your blackjack knowledge. Strategy tables help teach you the best techniques and are tailored to the exact game rules you pick.Maintain your winning streak with Ace Roller Blackjack!!Features:* Built-in Blackjack trainer featuring in-game hints and strategy tables.* Wide range of customisable blackjack rules to tailor your game.* Great graphics and sound to capture the feel of the casino.* Comprehensive help system covering all aspects of the game and its rules.* All the features of casino bl



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