Jungle Sonic World
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Jungle Sonic World is a new free game that describes the pursuit of our hero in a jungle and forest templeyou must help our character to save his friend tails from the evil witch princessshe will send her evil folowers to stop our Hedgehog you can run jump and swim and fight by shooting sonic waves and bombs.use your super jump and powerful run to avoid the jungle obstaclsI'm sure you gonna be addicted to this super flying game after you try it,so what are you waiting for my friend just go and download your copy of " super superluminal Hedgehog Amazing World" and score better than your friends!Features- Different levels.- Different Game Modes : jungle - forest- Different Game enemies .- Colorful HD graphics.- Jungle Sound and Music.- touch to run !- play difrent characters How to playpress up-button to jump / double up to double jump - press A-button AND right or left for running ; press A and B together for a higher and wider jump .- after fnding a bombs you become gunner will b


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