Piano Tiles
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Beware. Don't tap on the White Tile. This Game is extremely addictive. Just Want to play more and more....Features: Leaderboard of friends support (Facebook/Twitter) Charming piano soundtracksPlay 4 awesome game modes Smooth gameplay Piano Tiles keeps the basic gameplay of Don't Step the White Tile, while adding a music component to the game. The game requires you to tap only the black tiles and not the white tiles that are scrolling down the screen. Each black tile plays the note of the song in a manner that is reminiscent of Magic Piano. The more black tiles you tap, the more music you play and the higher your ending score will be.The game offers 4 different modes of play including the following:Classic mode: tap 50 black tiles in as little time as possible.Arcade mode: Tap as many dark tiles as you can and do not miss one.Zen mode: You have 30 seconds to tap as many black tiles as you can.Bomb mode: Another Arcade mode that requires you to tap as many dark tiles as you can an


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