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Educational games are a great tool for building language skills that today's elementary schoolcurriculum requires.This game teach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids.This game contains the following functionality:- wakeup viewkids are likes sleeping very much. In this view kids are sleeping and wakeup the kids for go toschool.- brush viewin this view brushing , hand wash etc functionality.- bath viewin this view kids take bath with shampoo,soap and shower with lots of fun.-dressup viewin this view kids are ready for going to school with uniform.-breakfast viewin this view kids take a breakfast and drink milk.- bag viewin this view prepare a bag arrange the pencil and books in bag. after that go to school in bus.-class viewin this view write the numeric, alphabet ,solve the puzzle and identify the words.-library viewin this viewread the book of interest of kids.-lunch viewin this view kids take a lunch.-play ground viewin this view kids play in the garden.enjo


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