Family Adventure Vacation
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The exams are over and now it is time to relieve ourselves from all the tensions and go for an adventurous vacation with your family. Start the vacation with a cool resort in a huge swimming pool. Play with the tube and ball in the swimming pool. Help the room service lady to clean the room and change all the sheets and carpets in the room. Then dress yourself up with the scuba diving suits and play lot of games in the swimming pool. Check in to a luxurious hotel and dont forget to collect the hotel keys. Complete all the different fun and entertaining activities in the game and enjoy your amazing vacation.Activities in the game:1) Clean up the swimming pool, unfurl the umbrella and enjoy the sun at the swimming pool.2) Help the room service women to choose the best dress for the day.3) Clean your room and change all the sheets and mattresses in there.4) Wear your swim suit and go for a fun swimming and games in the swimming pool.5) Share this game with your friends and enjoy the


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