Pregnant Princess Doctor Game
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There is a very good news for the princess that she is pregnant and will soon be having a cute baby. Help the princess with all the necessary medical attention and treatments. Do lot of different responsible activities like a doctor for the princess and see that the baby and the princess are perfectly in a healthy condition. Check her heart beats and pulse to confirm that she is healthy. Use the different machines to see the baby and also see that he is healthy by checking his heartbeats. Do a lot of different doctor activities in this fun game for kids.Features:1) First check the health of the princess using all the different tools.2) Give her proper medicines according to her health conditions.3) Give proper attention to the baby and take proper care of him.4) Use a lot of different medical tools for all the different procedures.5) Also play a lot of different games with the child after he is born.6) Share this game with your friends and have fun playing with the cute baby.About


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