Princess Love Breakup
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The princess has just broke up with her love and she is totally heart-broken. Now as a close friends help her get back to her normal life. Clean off all her tears and other dark marks from her face and make her look beautiful. Remove her pimples with the remover and also use the cream to remove the marks after the pimples has been removed. Use many different make up tools and make her the beautiful princess that she was once before. Finally help her with her dress up activity and select for her the most beautiful and luxurious clothes which will suit her looks the best. Make her so beautiful that her lover will start feeling that he should not have left her.Activities in the Game:1) Remove the pimples of her face using the pimple remover.2) Remove all the marks after the pimples have been removed.3) Help her forget all her sadness with all the different help she needs.4) Finally help her with the dresses of the most beautiful variety.5) Share with your friends and help the princes


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