Plastic Surgery For Kids
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This is the best chance for all the kids to become a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgery for kids is the best platform for all the kids to do a plastic surgery for needy patients with many different plastic surgery tools and machines. There is an emergence in the hospital and the patient needs you to quickly treat their injury on various parts of their face. So lets get started to answer all the emergencies in the ward as a plastic surgeon and complete all the duties.Features:1) Treat the patients eyes with the tools and give her a beautiful eyebrow.2) Do surgery on her lips, nose and face with to give her a totally new and beautiful look.3) Use various different high quality tools like laser machine, surgery machines, etc.4) Cure the injury on her nose by healing the bone in the nose.5) Change the looks of her lips and face with proper treatment using surgery tools.About GameivaGameIva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugel


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