40 Super Games
18 MB

Come and enjoy our exclusive collection of more than 40 traditional board games ! Discover a large game set A A Strategy A Chess C Draughts C Checkers C Backgammon C Reversi C Nine Men's Morris C Neutron C Bagh Bandi C Bagh Chal C Tic Tac Toe C Connect Four A Family classics A Domino C Mexican Train C Ludo C Game of Goose C Snakes'n Ladder C Memory C Animal War C Dots'n Boxes C Battleships A Cards A Crazy Eights C Nain Jaune C Russian Bank C Nordic Russian Bank A Solitaires A Peg Solitaire C Master mind C Mahjong Solitaire C Shisen-Sho C Sudoku C Minesweeper C 40 Thieves C Klondike C FreeCell C Spider C Golf C Pyramid C Poker Squares C The King Pile C 4 Aces A Wooden games A Air Hockey C Passe Trappe


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