Naruto to Baruto Shinobi Stike
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Naruto to Baruto Shinobi strike is very much in the joy of small to stratize his game is also soNaruto's mission is to become the strongest HokageNaruto has a host of EnemiesOrochimaru was introduced since Chunnin's first exam followed by Naruto.It has been several times that Naruto met this Hokage 3 student. However Orochimaru looks into Naruto's eyes and is more interested in Sasuke, for him Naruto is a stupid ninja who just boasted to be the strongest Hokage. However, his views changed after seeing the determination of Naruto (like Jiraiya) when defeating Kabuto with Rasengan.Naruto x Orochimaru's most exciting fight is in "Three-Tails Arc".Orochimaru who became interested in Naruto tried to provoke him to issue Kyuubi power.At that time Naruto was still learning to control the Kyuubi, he lost control and turned into a Kyuubi mode with 3 tails.Orochimaru is one of the Sannin Legend along with Jiraiya and Tsunade.


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