Mr Shooter
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Mr. Shooter, presented as a one-man army, has a duty to defend his home country to kill the entry enemy. You definitely need to shoot the enemies like a hell, reach maximum distance without loosing your life, take maximum power ups on your way ,it will help you reach maximum distance.Exceptional Contra Style game makes you Thrilling. The high quality graphics are impressive, containing smooth animations and outstanding effects. One of the main feature of this game is when the Mr.Shooter reaches every 1000 meter there is a BIG Difficult Boss Fight, you need to Destroy the Boss to move further. Mr.Shooter controls are very easy, shoot in 8 direction, jump, and run, fantastic control style.Mind Real Blowing Audio Effects; Excellent HD Graphics; Endless Run and Shooting Game; Lots of upgrades free if login daily.UPGRADE STOREDIFFERENT TYPES OF GUNDIFFERENT TYPES OF ARMOUR SHIELDSNEW HELICOPTER BOMBINGDIFFERENT POWERUPSFLIGHT ASSISTANCENEW OBSTACLES IN THE PATH


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