Crazy Skater
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Skate is a popular after school game among teenage children. Children were racing skate on standard motor road, around purpose-built tracks in the road.This is what exactly you can expected in this wonderful, easy control game "Crazy Skater".Just two buttons: speed and jump. That will perform various tricks in the air and landing safely.Remember without accelerate the skate speed, you can't jump over the obstacle, same as in your real life skate.You must fairly control well to jump over the obstacles on the road and get the scores as many as you can.On each level there is several checking points which when you fail that you can re-start from there, not from beginning, cool?You can using your coins that collected to buy the checking point or you can buy the locked level on the well designed two packs.Currently we have two well designed packages, each has 15 cool and addictive levels. If more players like this game, we will add additional packages.Super fun game is waiting for you t


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