Solitaire Classic
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Solitaire Classic is the most intuitive and beautiful Solitaire game available for Android!If you liked playing Solitaire on Windows to pass time you are going to love this game.Our Solitaire game takes the trusted gameplay formula and takes it to the next level. With stunning graphics and OpenGL-assisted animations this version of the popular card game is one of the most beautiful ones you'll find.Solitaire Classic features a beautiful custom designed card set in high resolution, playing Patience on your HD Android tablet never looked this good!The game controls have also been optimized to touch screen devices - it takes no time to learn at all, and works just as you'd expect, be it on a tablet or a small phone.Solitaire Classic also has Leaderboards and Achievements integrated. Compete with your friends, colleagues, or just yourself.When signed in, you'll also be able to start your Klondike Solitaire session on one device, and continue on another. Your gameplay statistics will a


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