Golf Solitaire
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Golf Solitaire is a beautiful and easy to handle and free version of the popular Golf version of Solitaire played by millions of people worldwide!Our version of Golf Solitaire features a gorgeous, high definition custom designed card deck that looks great on all devices, be it a phone or a tablet.The interface is very easy to use and fun, simply tap a card to move to the foundation. Enjoy the smooth sound effects, and the stunning OpenGL assisted animations.You can sign in with your Google+ Id to access the Leaderboards and acquire Achievements. Compete in Golf Solitaire with your friends, colleagues or against the world!When signed in, your Golf games will also be synchronized between your devices. Start a game on your tablet, and finish it on your phone - very convenient!Golf Solitaire's main features:- Beautiful HD graphics- Fun Golf Solitare version with "turning the corner" allowed: Aces can be both high and low- Classic or No scoring- Timed or untimed game- Unlimited undo st



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