Caves in India
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Reflecting at our glorious past, there are many caves in India that is worth exploring. Caving is gradually becoming one of the most popular activities in India. Each state in the country has certain number of caves that are specimen history, culture and spirituality, for example there are caves with many legends attached to them, on the other side one can also find oodles of caves that reflects the rich culture and tradition of India. If you have not got a taste of it so far, the time is now to set out for it. In India, caves have long been regarded as sacred spaces and were enlarged or entirely man-made for use as temples and monasteries by Buddhist monks and ascetics. Indian rock-cut architecture is more various and found in greater abundance than any other form of rock-cut architecture around the world. Here are some of the best caves in India that any traveler would love to explore.You can decide from the given list in this app that where your interest lies & plan quickly to visit



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