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Chomi -- the #African Social Network -- is all about communication and content. Chomi is an instant chat platform that allows you to keep in contact with friends and family AND also enables you to share what is happening in your world through text, pictures and videos. The best thing is that Chomi allows you to chat with and send messages to any kind of device or handset, including feature phones and basic phones, as long as you are registered on Chomi. You can catch up with latest news on Chomi News. Any organisation or business can set up a Chomi Page: you can join pages that interest you and share, like or comment on posts. The Interface of Chomi is available in all official South African languages and you can change it easily in the language drop-down menu. Other languages will be added in the near future. Advertising is included in Chomi and as an organisation or business you can reach a wider audience in the mobile consumer market. #ExperienceNow with Chomi.



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