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Smileys for Whatsapp, Thanks to this aplication you will can send Smileys with an atractive design to your contacts, easy and fast because to an icon direct acces that the aplication will include in whatsapp, also you will can select other messenger aplication to send it.Emoticons categories:Smileys- Enjoy the best quality and a lot of smiley imagesStickers- Last generation stickers with and attractive designMemes- Troll images but used by usersIcon- The icon to can show a locationAnimals- The most funny animalsLove- Are you in love? This one will be your categorieFace- If you wish to send smiley facesYou can in the setting menu, among other things, change the language o disarm the posibility of to include the smiley acceses in whatsapp or not, by default, the aplication include a direct acces, but if you wish delete it just desactive this option, also you can establish if you wish to do the sending by any kind of aplication that your smartphone has.


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