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the best guitar simulator and musical instrument, offers huge guitar chords database with guitar tabs, solo mode as well as chord mode for guitarists to select, and guitar recorder to easily save your masterpiece of guitar music and replay it. You can sing a song and strum a tune on Guitar anytime and anywhere.It is very convenient for beginner to practice and learn guitar tabs, guitar chords and guitar notes after taking guitar lesson. You can learn how to play and rock guitar instead of buying a real guitar.===Key Functions===?? Solo Mode?? Chord Mode?? A huge guitar chords database with tabs?? Realistic guitar sounds?? Sample record?? Multi-touch?? Studio audio quality?? Export your records to midi file?? Works with all screen resolution?? Realistic graphics?? Instructions for learning guitar chords?? Skin optionsDownload Guitar for free, the best Guitar app for beginner and advanced guitar player.Practice Guitar for free, take Guitar into pocket and practice guitar tabs anywhe


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