Contacts in a list widget
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This is a simple widget that shows your phone contacts (all, favorites-starred or any other group) as a scrollable list. You can call or send SMS to any of your contacts. You can select the type of list to show, either extended (multiple lines per contact, each one showing one number) or compact (one line per contact and pressing on it shows all the numbers in a popup). To install the widget, select "Contacts in a list widget" from the available widgets list. You can have more than one widgets on your home screens, each showing different contact group. The widget is resizable. For more info see the help page in the application. The widget has been tested on Sony Xperia Neo V and ZTE Blade III. Languages: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian. The app shows ads (NOT on the widget, just on the config activity and on the help page) Note: the app needs to be installed in the internal memory of the phone in order for the widget to show up and work



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