PopIt-Pop Balloons
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Do you like balloons? You child like parties? Pop as many balloons as you can within the allotted time to win and get a high score. A simple and humble game that will entertain your kids and help you killing some time.Pop Balloons to earn coin and advance through levels in this great game.This is a supper funny game for people who love popping balloons. Colorful balloons and you pop them.How To Play Popit Pop Balloons : PopIt Pop Balloons Tap on the set of balloons to blast them, and remove as many objects/Balloon as possible in as few moves as possible. Objects/Balloons that are adjacent to each other get removed as a group. The remaining balloon then collapse to fill in the gaps and new groups are formed and unblock all the coins to complete the level. Submit your score online to show your capability to the world.Features:1) Fun game played just like pop it on pogo. A must have game.2) Beautiful graphics with unique natural designs.3) Online challenges & leader boards.4) Attra


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