Call Recorder Deluxe
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Never forget what transpired during a phone call conversation. With Call Recorder Deluxe, your phone calls are automatically recorded for you. The deal you recently made? Vital information you keep forgetting? Great moments shared with your friends and family? Its the only call recording app that works on every android phone and tablet with telephony support.WHY USE CALL RECORDER DELUXE: AUTOMATICALLY RECORD OUTGOING/INCOMING CALLS A unique and smart feature that automatically records outgoing or incoming calls or both. SHAKE YOUR DEVICE TO RECORD CALLS You can also use choose to use the manual recording feature. All you need to do is shake your device anytime you receive or make a call. No need to shake again when you hang up. The app will magically stop recording right after the call is completedPERFECT TIMESTAMP Unlike other call recording apps, Call Recorder Deluxe intelligently saves call recordings with the best timestamp you could ever imagine. This includes the name of



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