Perfect Piano Deluxe
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Perfect Piano Deluxe is the best piano for android. Perfect Piano Deluxe provides an amazing piano experience for android users. It supports multi-touch, various octaves, recording and music playback features. Perfect Piano Deluxe comes with various piano types including drums, Grand Piano, Electric Piano and many more.Top Features:High Quality Audio Recording and PlaybackInstruments including drums, Grand Piano and Electric Piano High Quality Audio Recording and Playback Multi touch Support (Play several keys at the same time) Very Fast and ResponsiveRealistic Sounds (Best of studio sound quality)Different Key Note Types (Full Octaves) Perfect Real Piano/ Keyboard Skin SetExcellent Sampled and quality Piano SoundsAbility to Share Recordings with friendsSupport for Music / Track PlaybackAutomatic Looped PlaybackSupport for Touch Pressure detectionVery Beautiful AnimationsDisplay of Note Labels & Note VelocityHardware Accelerated, Tablet an


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