Car Matcher
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Test and Improve your memory with this fun and educational puzzle game.As a parent we keep thinking of how to make learning fun for our kids. Here's an app which aims to do just that!!!In Car Matcher a number of cards are put on a surface upside down.Each cards has a picture of a cars .Your job is to memorize the position of each car and match it with it's pair to clear the board in the fastest time possible.FeaturesNon-Violent memory game suitable for all agesLeisure and learning rolled into one app,great for edutainmentImprove memory and concentrationDifficulty levels to match the abilities/age of your child* Global leader boards* Adorable graphicsIt helps your child to:- Develop auditory, visual and fine motor skills- Develop sense of achievement - Sharp the Memory of child- Improve the concentration.* Memory game for kids: Cars is the classic children board game, which help improve memory skills of childrens. * This educational, engaging and entertaining game is designed for


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