Bird Puzzle
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Do you like beautiful birds? Please enjoy our puzzles.This is the best puzzle for bird lovers on the planet! Solve the photo puzzle to see the bird. A perfect photo puzzle game to play for kids and adults. See if you can solve the bird photo puzzle.This is a fantastic photo puzzle that everyone can like. Begin improving your photo puzzle skills and see what we have made for you.Bird Puzzle is a Fun Game with Unlimited Level and Beautiful birds, where a picture is cut into pieces randomly. You need to rearrange the pieces to get back the original picture. Place all the pieces at right place to complete each level. There are unlimited puzzle with 9 and 16 pieces.A must have Android game for those who love playing puzzle games. Have fun!Features:* GAME FOR KIDS* Friendly user interface;* The pictures are very beautiful.More games are coming, if you have any feedback, please mail me, thanks & enjoy!


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