MBTA Conductor
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Using this app, you can look at MBTA routes, and choose a station based on route. For example you can choose South Station from the Red Line, to look at the upcoming/recent trips. You can also click a button to see the station on Google Maps, and look at flickr pictures based on the station. Alerts added in most recent updateYou can also turn on GPS to get the 15 nearest stations. The GPS takes a while to find your location, and is limited to the 15 closest stops, so it is sometimes not too useful. It might be quicker to use the list navigation to find a station, if you already know the name.On a station screen, you can view public flickr pictures. The Aquarium stop on the blue line probably has the coolest pictures (Sea Turtles. Seals). Its fun just to see what pictures pop up!Alerts:In the most recent edition, I added alerts. When a station has an alert issued by the MBTA, like a Bus will not be arriving, or a station will be closed for construction, the alert will display in a



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