Fence Post Plotter
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Plot out 2 dimensional fence diagrams easily. (It might take you some time to get used to the controls, but they become easy with a couple attempts.) ** See below for known usability issues.The app keeps track of how many end posts, corner posts, sections, and line posts you have added. Once you are complete with a fence diagram, you can "save" it by clicking the save button. It will create an image of the diagram, and you will be able to email it to yourself, or a fence company for installation material requirements, or an estimation. This app does not take into account materials themselves, such as wood or vinyl, it just creates a diagram for you. You can decide the materials later.To use, you start by touching the screen , it will draw a line of 8 feet, and draw a post (a circle). Then you touch as close to the point in the direction you want the fence to go. It will draw another line in that direction.Click on the "end" button to end a line of fence. This is equivalent of digg



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