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Turn an Android device (phone or tablet) into a GPS tracker, and keep tabs on your kids during an outing to the zoo, or keep tabs on your company vehicles.The Tracker app consists of two distinct components. i.e. The Tracker Monitor and the Tracker Service. The Tracker Monitor is used for viewing information, on a map, of the devices you are tracking, and the Tracker Service is run on the devices you want to track.Features Create an unlimited number of accounts. Accounts are totally free of charge and are simply a method for grouping information and for keeping potentially sensitive information away from prying eyes. Each account can have an unlimited number of devices (phones or tablets that are being tracked). The Tracker Service runs "silently" in the background. GPS polling interval is user configurable to conserve battery power. The system stores the last 250 data points for each device. Sensitive data can easily be deleted, by tracked device, in the Tracker Monitor. The Trac


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