Opera Mini browser for iOS
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Install it. Try it. Fall in love with it. It's free.- Get up to 90% data savings. Opera Mini's data-savings modes are perfect for getting fast-loading pages on slow connections. Take Opera Mini with you when you travel and save money by using less mobile data.- View your favorites with one tap. Stay up to date with the content that matters most to you right on the browser's start page with Speed Dial.- Explore new things. Find the best, new articles from your fields of interest with the Discover feature. You'll never be bored again.- Look your best. Opera Mini has a completely new look and you can choose between different themes.- Never lose your place. Multi-task and flip between pages with the tab gallery. Find, open and close tabs with a flick of your thumb.- Don't worry, your secrets are safe. Keep your typed history and passwords out of sight with private tabs. They remove any trace of the websites you visit.- Make QR codes useful again. QR codes finally make sense when they



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