Electric Screen Shock LWP
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Are you ready to get zapped with a bolt of electricity? Then this electrifying live motion screen saver is the only live wallpaper you will ever need.Place your finger on the phone and watch the surge of electricity follow your finger around for hours of hypnotizing fun.Don't worry this is completely safe, and boy can we have fun making huge practical jokes with friends and family.Its as if your phone is full a high voltage electric current.Electrifying lightning live motion screensaver. Place your finger on the phone for a shockingly good time.Electric shock has never been so much fun. Touch the screen to get the electric shock of your life....without the painThis colorful display of electric lightning currents come alive when you touch the screen with your finger. Save this lightning themed wallpaper on your phone. Touch the phone and get zapped with colors and cool electric shock live motion image.Drag your finger to any part of the phone and the electric shock will find you.Da


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