Financial Portfolio Tracker
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Financial Portfolio Tracker is an android application useful for getting alerts for life insurance, vehicle insurance, banking related updates.Our normal tendency is to forget important dates for paying insurance and we pay extra money for face problems. In order to overcome this problem we can fix dates in the application and on that day we will receive notifications about the type of work to be done.The following are the major operations in this application.List Vehicle InsurancesAdd Vehicle InsuranceUpdate Vehicle InsuranceDelete Vehicle InsuranceList Life InsurancesAdd Life InsuranceUpdate Life InsuranceDelete Life InsuranceList Fixed DepositsAdd Fixed DepositUpdate Fixed DepositDelete Fixed DepositList of upcoming events within the next given number of daysNotifying the user with statusbar notification for all upcoming eventsAllowing users to change the hour of the day at which notifications to be sent and how many days days before the event the notification must be sentAllow


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