Funny Face Plus
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This app will funny your face using the OpenCV and stasm ASM (Active Shape Model) high technology. Just take or pick a picture then funny, warp, bend and distort it to your heart. The app will auto detect and landmark your face in secondsThe 15 auto warp feature (big head, fat face, smile, unhappy, long eye, etc) is only applicable once find a single face on your photo. Make yourself skinnier, buff yourself up or enlarge any body parts that might need some enlargement; Or go crazy and have fun putting several pounds of fat on your friends or giving them the biggest cheese eating grin you can imagine. With funny face plus, you too can be an instant, super cheap plastic surgeon.How hilarious can you be? Have Fun! You don't like it, your kids will be! Let's funny around your friends.Features:detect face and landmark you face15 auto wrap face Pick or Snap Shot a photo, rotate picture


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