Fish Pond
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A beautiful LWP simulating fish swimming in pond!Fish Pond is a beautiful live wallpaper simulating fish swimming in the water pond by using the advanced android render script technology.There are five beautiful water pond or aquarium background to choose from and a total of 5 fish type.Initially, there are 5 live fish and you can add another 5 fish in your pond via the setting.There are some lotus, flowers, and tree leaves in the pond also.You can customize these items in the setting menu also.Key Features:1: Single tap the water pond will be water ripple effect.2: Tap fish, fish will run away quickly.3: Tree leaves drifting down and auto generate one if few leaves on the screen. 4: Lotus and flowers size, position, and direction will auto change each time you re-set the live wallpaper.5: Add or remove living fish in the setting menu.


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