Challenger POS and Restaurant
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Challenger Light is FREE with NO Restrictions and NO Limits! NO Contract and NO Subscriptions Required! Features: Sales Full stock control Customers Suppliers Promotions Multi device Multi company Security Restaurant Runs offline + Online backup Other packs available Many reports that will help you to run your business effectively. etc Used in: Franchise groups Retail businesses with barcode scanning Fast foods Restaurants Bars Wholesalers Food stalls Township shops Challenger is so easy to use that you DON`T NEED Training, just use the Integrated Quick Help in Challenger. We offer FREE E-Mail Support 7days per week/365 days a year. We also offer Teamview support 7days per week/365 days a year. For Ultimate reliability Challenger works Off line with an Online Backup option. Use the full system for 30 days with sample data to show you how to use Challenger. After the 30 days, You can carry on using Challenger Light for Free! The possibility to upgrade / downgrade at any time is


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