Vampire Me
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Ever wondered what Youd look like as a creature of the night? Turn Yourself into a bloodsucker! Vampire Me! is an application that lets you vampirify a normal human portrait in seconds. Are you a fan of Twilight? Cant get enough of True Blood? Or maybe youre a traditional Nosferatu or Dracula fan? Didnt miss an episode of The Vampire Diaries? Show your devotion by creating a vampire avatar of yourself! Snap a fresh portrait, or use one from your gallery, and in 3 easy steps youll have a nice, sparkly vampire. There are numerous eyes and fang styles to choose from, too! Lighten that skin, add some sparkles, and share away! Show what a scary blood sucker you can be! (But we cant promise itll get You a date with Edward Cullen.) This application is free and feature complete, but features a small banner when connected to the internet. For vampire news, follow us on Facebook: Be notified of new releases, follow us on twitter: https://tw


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