Vodacom Durban July 2014
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It sneaks up on you and spreads like wildfire to soon engulf the entire country. You don't know you've got it till you start searching for more and more information and the desire for greater knowledge becomes a passion. It is the annual outbreak of "Vodacom July Fever" which makes its regular appearance in mid-April and grows in intensity as the days pass, becoming a national epidemic and rejecting all known cures but one.That cure will become available on the afternoon of the first Saturday of July at Greyville Racecourse in Durban when South Africa's best thoroughbreds storm down the home straight to the finish of the R3,5 million, Grade 1 Vodacom Durban July.For maximum effect, however, there is nothing better than to be at the heart of the excitement, among the crowds who line the track, who relax in the many restaurant facilities or enjoy the day as guests in the corporate suites and the numerous venues in Greyville's legendary Marquee Village.In order to add to the "Vodacom



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