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Root Devices Free Instantly app increases Speed, Battery & Stability of your android device using our strong optimized algorithms. You(user) have to decide which boost is best for you because some Users need Speed, some need Battery savings & others need overall stability. All these modes optimizes Android OS (Operating System), RAM (Random Access Memory), CPU (Central Processing Unit) of your android device. Each & every technical details are explained in detail.Speed BoostThis mode hibernates most of the CPU demanding applications, it tests your RAM & sets RAM VM Heap size for better performance and stability. This mode sets CPU governor which insures performance boost. Using this mode the processing power of your processor will be boosted and you will gain more performance to play hardware demanding games.Battery BoostIt hibernates Battery demanding applications. It sets CPU governor & RAM VM heap size to ensure huge battery savings & improving battery life.Stability BoostIt hi


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